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Debunking Myths and Answering FAQs When Choosing a WC 选择马桶的谬误和常见问题

Updated: Feb 22

As an interior designer serving my clients in Singapore & Johor, i've been asked about myth around the WC topic. I put in some effort and did some research, consolidated some information as the below. The key to sharing the information is not to define a binary answer to the myth, but rather understanding the overall picture & considerations around these topic, the better one understand how it all work, the better informed decision one can make, enjoy : 作为一名为新加坡和柔佛的客户提供室内设计服务的设计师,我被问及有关马桶的一些迷思。我花了一些时间进行了一些研究,整理了一些信息如下。分享这些信息的关键不是为了界定迷思的二元答案,而是了解这些话题的整体情况和考虑因素,越了解所有这些的工作方式,就越能做出更明智的决定 :

René Gmür, statics specialist at Geberit, lowers eight steel plates with a total weight of 400 kilogrammes onto a support frame that is attached to a Duofix element in the very same way as a WC ceramic appliance. The degree of deformation of the Duofix element is precisely measured by means of laser light. René Gmür,Geberit 的静力学专家,将总重量为400公斤的八块钢板降到一个支撑框架上,该框架与 Duofix 元件连接在一起,就像 WC 陶瓷设备一样。通过激光光线精确测量 Duofix 元件的变形程度。

1. Myth: Wall-hung WCs are fragile and prone to damage. 谬误:壁挂式马桶容易损坏且脆弱。

Some homeowners in Singapore and Malaysia may hesitate to opt for wall-hung WCs due to concerns about their durability. However, properly installed wall-hung WCs are designed to be robust and reliable. They feature concealed steel frames that provide sturdy support, ensuring stability and longevity. Additionally, wall-hung WCs offer the advantage of easy cleaning underneath, contributing to a more hygienic washroom environment. 回答: 一些新加坡和马来西亚的房主可能因为担心壁挂式马桶的耐用性而犹豫不决。然而,正确安装的壁挂式马桶设计稳固耐用,配有隐藏式钢架提供强大支撑,确保稳定和长久使用。此外,壁挂式马桶的下部易于清洁,有助于保持更加卫生的卫生间环境。 To address concerns about the weight loading of wall-hung WCs, I've researched WC brands that provide specifications regarding their loading capacity. One such brand is DURAVIT, which offers information on its loading capacity. While not all WC brands include this information in their spec sheets, it's generally understood that wall-hung WCs are designed to withstand a minimum weight load of at least 140 kg. However, for specific inquiries about loading capacity, it's advisable to consult with a salesperson or refer to manufacturer documentation. Below is a screenshot of DURAVIT's loading capacity as a reference. 为了解决对壁挂式马桶的承重能力的担忧,我已经研究了提供其承重能力规格的马桶品牌。其中一家品牌是 DURAVIT,提供了其承重能力的信息。虽然并非所有的马桶品牌在其规格表中都包含这些信息,但普遍认为壁挂式马桶设计能够承受至少140公斤的最小重量负荷。然而,对于有关承重能力的具体问题,建议咨询销售人员或参考制造商的文件。以下是 DURAVIT 的承重能力截图,供参考。

Image sourced from

2. Myth: Dual flush WCs are complicated and prone to malfunctions. 谬误:双排水马桶复杂且易出故障。

Dual flush WCs are often perceived as complex and prone to issues by some homeowners in Singapore and Malaysia. However, this misconception overlooks the benefits of dual flush mechanisms, which are designed for efficiency and water conservation. With a dual flush system, users have the option to select a full flush for solid waste or a partial flush for liquid waste, reducing water consumption. These WCs are engineered with reliable components and undergo rigorous testing to ensure smooth operation and minimal maintenance requirements. Proper installation by a qualified plumber further enhances their performance and longevity, making them a practical and eco-friendly choice for modern homes. 双排水机制常被认为复杂且易出故障,但事实并非如此。双排水机制设计用于提高效率和节水。使用双排水系统,用户可以选择全排水或半排水,从而减少用水量。这些马桶采用可靠的部件,经过严格测试,确保运行平稳,维护需求少。由合格的水暖工进行正确安装可进一步增强其性能和使用寿命,使其成为现代家庭实用且环保的选择。

3. Myth: Round bowl WCs are outdated and uncomfortable. 谬误:圆形马桶已过时且不舒适。

While round bowl WCs may have a traditional appearance, they remain a practical and comfortable option for many homeowners in Singapore and Malaysia, especially those with smaller washrooms. The compact design of round bowl WCs saves space without compromising on comfort. Contrary to the myth, round bowl WCs are ergonomically shaped to facilitate efficient waste removal and provide adequate seating comfort for most users. Additionally, round bowl WCs are often more budget-friendly compared to elongated models, making them an accessible choice for homeowners seeking affordability without sacrificing functionality. 虽然圆形马桶可能外观传统,但它们仍然是许多新加坡和马来西亚房主的实用舒适选择,特别是对于空间较小的卫生间。圆形马桶的紧凑设计节省空间,同时不会影响舒适性。与谬误相反,圆形马桶经过人体工程学设计,有助于高效排泄,并为大多数用户提供足够的舒适感。此外,与椭圆形马桶相比,圆形马桶通常更具价格优势,是寻求经济实惠而不牺牲功能性的房主的理想选择。

4. Myth: Soft-close lids on WCs are unnecessary and expensive. 谬误:马桶带缓冲盖无用且昂贵。

Soft-close lids are often perceived as a luxury feature with little practical value by some homeowners in Singapore and Malaysia. However, these innovative lids offer several benefits that justify their inclusion in modern WCs. Soft-close lids prevent noisy slamming, which can be disruptive, especially during late-night bathroom visits. By gently lowering the seat and lid, they reduce wear and tear on the WC components, prolonging their lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements. While WCs with soft-close lids may have a slightly higher upfront cost, their long-term durability and convenience make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners who prioritize comfort and functionality in their washrooms. 一些房主认为马桶带缓冲盖是一种奢侈的功能,但这种创新的盖子提供了多种好处,可以证明其实用性。缓冲盖可防止嘈杂的关盖声,尤其是在深夜上厕所时,有助于减少马桶部件的磨损,延长其使用寿命,减少频繁更换的需求。虽然带缓冲盖的马桶可能有稍高的初期成本,但其长期的耐用性和便利性使其成为注重舒适性和功能性的房主的理想选择

5. Myth: WCs with touchless flush systems are prone to malfunction and require frequent maintenance. 谬误:触摸式冲洗系统容易故障且需要频繁维护。

Touchless flush systems, which use sensors to detect movement and activate the flush mechanism, are often viewed with skepticism by some homeowners in Singapore and Malaysia due to concerns about reliability and maintenance. However, modern touchless flush systems are engineered with advanced technology and durable components, minimizing the risk of malfunctions. These systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance and require minimal maintenance when installed correctly. With proper care and occasional cleaning of sensor lenses, touchless flush WCs can operate smoothly and reliably, offering the added benefit of improved hygiene by reducing contact with WC surfaces. 由于对可靠性和维护的担忧,一些新加坡和马来西亚的房主对触摸式冲洗系统持怀疑态度。然而,现代触摸式冲洗系统采用先进的技术和耐用的组件,减少故障的风险。这些系统经过严格测试,保证性能稳定,并且在正确安装后需要的维护很少。通过定期清洁传感器镜片,触摸式冲洗马桶可以平稳可靠地运行,提高卫生水平,减少与马桶表面的接触。


FAQs When Choosing a WC and Answers: 选择马桶时的常见问题及解答:

1. What are the different types of flush mechanisms available for WCs? 马桶的不同冲洗机制有哪些?

Homeowners in Singapore and Malaysia have options like single flush, dual flush, and touchless flush systems. Single flush WCs use a consistent amount of water with each flush, while dual flush WCs offer options for a full flush or a water-saving half flush. Touchless flush systems use sensors to detect movement and activate the flush, promoting hygiene by eliminating the need for physical contact.


2. How do I choose the right size and dimension for my WC? 如何选择适合我马桶的正确尺寸和尺寸?

When selecting a WC size, homeowners should consider the available space in their washroom and the comfort preferences of users. Measure the width, depth, and height of the space to ensure the WC fits comfortably without overcrowding. Additionally, consider factors such as bowl shape (round or elongated) and seat height (standard or comfort height) to accommodate the needs of all users. 选择马桶尺寸时,房主应考虑卫生间的可用空间和用户的舒适偏好。测量空间的宽度、深度和高度,确保马桶安装舒适且不会拥挤。此外,考虑碗形状(圆形或椭圆形)和座椅高度(标准或舒适高度)以满足所有用户的需求。

3. What is water efficiency, and why is it important when choosing a WC? 什么是水效性,为什么在选择马桶时重要?

Water efficiency refers to the amount of water consumed per flush by a WC. In regions like Singapore and Malaysia where water conservation is important, choosing a water-efficient WC helps reduce water consumption and lower utility bills. Look for WCs with the Water Efficiency Label (WELS) in Singapore or the Water Conservation Label (Water Efficiency) in Malaysia, indicating their water-saving capabilities. 水效性指每次冲洗时马桶消耗的水量。在新加坡和马来西亚等地区,节水至关重要,选择水效性马桶有助于减少用水量和降低水费。查找新加坡的水效性标签(WELS)或马来西亚的节水标签(水效性),指示其节水能力。

4. What materials are WCs typically made of, and which is the most durable? 马桶通常由哪些材料制成,哪种最耐用?

WCs are commonly made of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and vitreous china. While each material has its advantages, vitreous china is often considered the most durable option, resistant to stains, scratches, and discoloration. Porcelain and ceramic are also durable choices, with porcelain offering a budget-friendly option and ceramic providing easy cleaning properties. 马桶通常由瓷器、陶瓷和贵族瓷等材料制成。虽然每种材料都有其优点,但贵族瓷通常被认为是最耐用的选择,耐污、耐划和不易变色。瓷器和陶瓷也是耐用的选择,其中瓷器提供经济实惠的选择,而陶瓷则提供易于清洁的特性。

5. What design options are available for WCs, and how do I choose the right one for my washroom? 马桶的设计选项有哪些,如何选择适合我的卫生间的马桶?

WCs come in various designs and styles to suit different preferences and washroom aesthetics. Consider factors such as bowl shape (round, elongated, or compact elongated), seat height (standard or comfort height), and additional features like soft-close lids and touchless flush systems. Choose a design that complements the overall aesthetic of your washroom and meets the needs of users. 马桶有各种设计和风格,以满足不同的偏好和卫生间美学。考虑碗形状(圆形、椭圆形或紧凑型椭圆形)、座椅高度(标准或舒适高度)和其他功能(如缓冲盖和触摸式冲洗系统)。选择与卫生间整体美学相匹配且满足用户需求的设计。

6. What is the budget range for purchasing a WC, and how do I balance cost with quality? 购买马桶的预算范围是多少,如何在成本和质量之间取得平衡?

Establish a budget for purchasing a WC based on factors such as size, features, and brand reputation. While it's important to consider cost, prioritize quality and durability to ensure long-term satisfaction. Look for reputable brands known for their reliability and customer satisfaction, and compare prices from different retailers to find the best value for your budget. 根据尺寸、功能和品牌声誉等因素制定购买马桶的预算。在考虑成本时,优先考虑质量和耐用性,以确保长期满意度。寻找以可靠性和客户满意度而闻名的知名品牌,并从不同零售商处比较价格,以找到最适合预算的产品。

Conclusion 结论 :

For homeowners in Singapore and Malaysia, choosing the right WC involves debunking common myths and understanding key considerations. By addressing concerns about durability, maintenance, and functionality, homeowners can make informed decisions and select WCs that meet their needs and preferences. By considering factors like flush mechanisms, size, water efficiency, materials, design options, and budget, homeowners can find the perfect WC to enhance their washroom experience and complement their lifestyle.


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