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Guide to Choosing the Best Kitchen Hood for Your Home: Style, Functionality, and Specifications 选择厨房抽油烟机的细节:风格、功能性和规格

Updated: Mar 5


Section 1: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Hood 选择厨房抽油烟机时要考虑的因素

  • Style and Aesthetic: Choose a hood that matches your kitchen's design. 风格和美学:选择与您厨房设计相匹配的抽油烟机。

  • Functionality: Pick hoods with powerful ventilation and adjustable fan speeds. 功能性:选择具有强大通风和可调节风扇速度的抽油烟机。

  • Size and Installation: Ensure proper sizing and installation for coverage and ventilation. 大小和安装:确保合适的大小和安装以提供适当的覆盖范围和通风。

  • Noise Level: Opt for quiet operation to minimize disturbance. 噪音水平:选择静音运行的抽油烟机,以最小化干扰。

  • Energy Efficiency: Save on electricity with energy-efficient hoods. 能源效率:选择节能型抽油烟机,以节省电力。

  • Brand Reputation and Warranty: Invest in reputable brands with warranty support. 品牌声誉和保修:选择信誉良好且有保修支持的品牌。

Section 2: Key Specifications to Look for in a Kitchen Hood 选择厨房抽油烟机的关键规格

  • Suction Power: Look for CFM ratings between 300 to 900 for effective smoke removal. 吸力:寻找300到900 CFM的吸力,有效去除烟雾。

  • Fan Speeds: Choose hoods with multiple fan speed settings for flexibility. 风扇速度:选择具有多种风速设置的抽油烟机。

  • Filters: Opt for durable and easy-to-clean grease filters. 过滤器:选择耐用且易于清洁的油脂过滤器。

  • Lighting: Ensure bright and energy-efficient LED lights for visibility. 照明:确保明亮且节能的LED照明。

  • Noise Level: Prefer hoods with quiet operation, ideally below 65 dB. 噪音水平:选择噪音低于65 dB的抽油烟机。

  • Size and Coverage: Make sure the hood covers your cooktop adequately. 大小和覆盖范围:确保抽油烟机覆盖您的灶台。

  • Ducting Options: Select the right ducting configuration based on your kitchen layout. 通风选项:根据您的厨房布局选择正确的通风配置。

  • Energy Efficiency: Save on energy consumption with certified energy-efficient hoods. 能源效率:选择能源认证的节能抽油烟机。

Section 3:

Understanding Ideal Hood Suction Power 理想的抽油烟机吸力

1. Minimum Effective CFM Calculation 最小有效CFM计算

  • Focus on the area directly above the cooktop for CFM calculation. 关注直接位于灶具上方的区域进行CFM计算

  • Measure the width and depth of your cooktop area in feet. 测量您的灶具区域的宽度和深度(以英尺为单位)

  • Multiply width by depth to get square footage. 将宽度乘以深度以获得平方英尺

  • Multiply the area by 100 for the minimum CFM required for a standard hood. 将该面积乘以100以获得标准抽油烟机所需的最小CFM

  • Cooker square area X 100 = CFM 灶具面积 X 100 = CFM

2. Converting Suction Power m³/hr to CFM 将抽力m³/hr转换为CFM

  • Many hoods rate suction power in m³/hr instead of CFM. 许多抽油烟机以m³/hr的形式表示吸力,而不是CFM

  • Convert m³/hr to CFM by multiplying by 0.6. 通过将m³/hr乘以0.6来将其转换为CFM

  • For example, if the suction power is 600 m³/hr, the CFM would be 360. 例如,如果吸力为600 m³/hr,则CFM将为360

Elaboration of the above Key Takeaways 对上述要点的阐述 If you are homeowner in Singapore / Malaysia looking to elevate your kitchen with the perfect hood, this might be for you. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about selecting the ideal hood for your luxury residence. From style and functionality to key specifications, we'll cover it all to ensure your kitchen stands out in both design and performance.


Section 1 : (Big picture 宏观) Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Hood 选择厨房抽油烟机时需要考虑的因素

1. Style and Aesthetic 风格和美学

Enhance your kitchen's visual appeal by selecting a hood that complements your overall design, whether it's sleek and modern or classic and traditional. 通过选择与整体设计相匹配的抽油烟机,增强您的厨房视觉吸引力,无论是时尚现代还是经典传统。

2. Functionality 功能性

Prioritize hoods with powerful ventilation systems and adjustable fan speeds to efficiently remove smoke, grease, and odors from your kitchen. 优先选择具有强大的通风系统和可调节风扇速度的抽油烟机,以有效地排除厨房中的烟雾、油脂和异味。

3. Size and Installation 尺寸和安装

Ensure your hood is appropriately sized and installed to provide optimal coverage and ventilation for your cooktop or range. 确认您的抽油烟机大小和安装位置适当,为您的灶台或炉具提供最佳覆盖范围和通风。

4. Noise Level 噪音水平

Minimal disruption during meal preparation and entertaining with a hood that offers quiet operation and sound-dampening technology. 选择提供静音运行和吸声技术的抽油烟机,以最大程度减少烹饪和娱乐过程中的干扰。

5. Energy Efficiency 能源效率

Save on electricity consumption and operating costs by choosing energy-efficient hoods with features like LED lighting and auto-off functions. 通过选择配有LED照明和自动关闭功能等节能特性的节能型抽油烟机,节省电力消耗和运营成本。

6. Brand Reputation and Warranty 品牌声誉和保修

Invest in reputable brands known for quality craftsmanship and reliable performance, backed by comprehensive warranty coverage and after-sales support services. 投资于以质量工艺和可靠性而闻名的知名品牌,拥有全面保修覆盖和售后支持服务。

Section 2 : (Details to look out for choosing the hood 选择抽油烟机的细节)

Key Specifications to Look for in a Kitchen Hood 选择厨房抽油烟机的关键规格

1. Suction Power (Airflow Capacity) 吸力(风量容量)

Choose a hood with sufficient CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating to effectively remove smoke, grease, and odors from your kitchen, ranging from 300 to 900 CFM depending on your household's cooking habits. 选择具有足够风量的抽油烟机,以有效排除厨房中的烟雾、油脂和异味,风量范围从300到900 CFM,具体取决于家庭的烹饪习惯。

2. Fan Speeds 风扇速度

Select a hood with multiple fan speed settings for flexibility and energy efficiency, allowing you to adjust airflow based on cooking activity. 选择具有多个风扇速度设置的抽油烟机,以灵活调节风量,根据烹饪活动调整。

3. Filters 过滤器

Opt for durable and easy-to-clean grease filters made of stainless steel or aluminum mesh, with dishwasher-safe options available for convenient maintenance. 选择由不锈钢或铝网制成的耐用且易于清洁的油脂过滤器,具有方便的洗碗机安全过滤器选项,便于维护。

4. Lighting 照明

Enhance visibility while cooking with bright and energy-efficient LED lights strategically positioned to illuminate the cooktop surface and surrounding area. 通过选择明亮且节能的LED灯具,将灯具策略性地放置在炉灶台表面和周围区域,提高烹饪时的可见度。

5. Noise Level 噪音水平

Minimize disturbance in your elite home with a hood that offers quiet operation, ideally below 65 dB on the highest fan speed setting. 选择提供静音运行的抽油烟机,理想情况下在最高风扇速度设置下低于65分贝。

6. Size and Coverage 尺寸和覆盖范围

Ensure your hood is appropriately sized to cover the width of your cooktop or range, with sufficient coverage extending 75~100mm beyond the cooktop on each side. 确保您的抽油烟机大小适当,覆盖灶台或炉具的宽度,并具有足够的覆盖范围,通常在每侧延伸75~150mm 以外。

7. Ducting Options 通风选项

Choose the right ducting configuration based on your kitchen layout and ventilation needs, whether ducted (vented) or ductless (recirculating). 根据您的厨房布局和通风需求选择适当的通风配置,无论是通风(通风)还是无管(循环)。

8. Energy Efficiency 能源效率

Save on energy consumption and operating costs by selecting Energy Star certified hoods or models equipped with energy-saving features like heat sensors and auto-off functions. 通过选择能源之星认证的抽油烟机或配备节能特性(如热敏感器和自动关闭功能)的型号,节省电力消耗和运营成本。

Section 3 : 

What is the Ideal Hood Suction Power ? 理想的抽油烟机吸力是多少?

Disclaimer 免责声明 I am neither a manufacturer nor a kitchen specialist. Through extensive reading and online research, I have arrived at a conclusion that I will share below. 我既不是制造商也不是厨房专家。通过阅读和在线研究,我得出了一个结论,我将在下面分享 CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute, and it is a measurement of airflow volume. In the context of kitchen hoods, CFM refers to the amount of air that the hood's ventilation system can move per minute.  Higher CFM rating indicates a more powerful ventilation system, which can quickly and efficiently remove pollutants from the kitchen environment. CFM代表每分钟立方英尺,是空气流量的测量单位。在厨房抽油烟机的背景下,CFM指的是抽油烟机通风系统每分钟移动的空气量。更高的CFM评级表示更强大的通风系统,可以快速有效地清除厨房环境中的污染物。 Understanding this, we know that higher CFM translates to better performance in the kitchen. Unfortunately, higher CFM or suction power usually comes with a higher price. This raises two simple questions : 了解到这一点,我们知道更高的CFM转化为更好的厨房性能。不幸的是,更高的CFM或抽力通常伴随着更高的价格。这引发了两个简单的问题: 1. What is the minimum effective CFM? 什么是最小有效的CFM? Typically, when calculating CFM for a hood, the focus is on the area directly above the cooktop where the hood will be installed. This area accounts for the immediate space where ventilation is needed most during cooking. A simplified calculation to determine the CFM (cubic feet per minute) needed for the hood area directly above the cooktop: 通常情况下,计算抽油烟机的CFM时,重点放在直接安装在灶具上方的区域上。这个区域在烹饪过程中最需要通风。一个简化的计算方法用于确定直接安装在灶具上方的抽油烟机所需的最小CFM(每分钟立方英尺):

  1. Measure the width and depth of your cooktop area in feet (ft). 测量灶具区域的宽度和深度(以英尺为单位)

  2. Multiply the width by the depth to get the area in square feet. 将宽度乘以深度以获得以平方英尺为单位的面积

  3. Multiply the area by 100 to get the minimum CFM required for a standard hood. This provides adequate ventilation for most cooking activities. 将该面积乘以100以获得标准抽油烟机所需的最小CFM。这为大多数烹饪活动提供了足够的通风

For example 例如 :

  • If your cooktop area measures 2.5 ft wide by 2 ft deep, the area is 5 square feet. 如果您的灶具区域宽度为2.5英尺,深度为2英尺,则面积为5平方英尺

  • 5 X 100 = 500 CFM

This calculation provides a general guideline for determining the MINIMUM CFM needed for the hood area directly above the cooktop. Keep in mind that specific cooking habits, kitchen layout, and other factors may warrant adjustments to this calculation. Remember, the higher the CFM the merrier. 这个计算提供了确定直接安装在灶具上方的抽油烟机所需的最小CFM的一般指导。请记住,特定的烹饪习惯、厨房布局和其他因素可能需要调整这个计算。记住,CFM越高,越好。 2. Most hood only indicates the suction power (m³/hr), how to relate it to CFM? 大多数抽油烟机只指示抽力(m³/小时),如何与CFM相关联? Many hoods are rated in terms of Suction Power (m³/hr) rather than CFM. In such cases, you can convert the Suction Power (m³/hr) to CFM (ft³/mnt) using the following general guideline: 许多抽油烟机的评级是以吸力(m³/小时)而不是CFM来表示的。在这种情况下,您可以使用以下一般准则将吸力(m³/小时)转换为CFM(每分钟立方英尺)

1 m³/hr = 0.6 CFM +/-

So, to convert from m³/hr to CFM, you would multiply the value in m³/hr by 0.6. 因此,要将m³/小时转换为CFM,您需要将m³/小时的值乘以0.6。 For example 例如 :

  • If your hood has a suction power of 600 m³/hr 如果您的抽油烟机的吸力为600 m³/小时

  • 600 X 0.6 = 360 CFM

In conclusion, using the example above, we find that a suction power of 600 m³/hr is insufficient for a cooktop size of 2.5ft wide and 2ft deep. 使用上面的示例,我们发现600 m³/小时的吸力对于2.5英尺宽、2英尺深的灶具来说是不足够的。

In Conclusion 结论

With the guidance provided in this ultimate guide, you're now equipped to make an informed decision when selecting the perfect hood for your elite home. By considering factors such as style, functionality, and key specifications, you can elevate your kitchen's design and performance to new heights, ensuring a luxurious and enjoyable cooking experience for years to come. 通过考虑风格、功能和关键规格等因素,您可以将您的厨房设计和性能提升到新的高度,确保长期以来享受奢华而愉悦的烹饪体验。

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