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What's a cabinet side panel and how do i choose to have them in my interior design projects?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Before we dive into the importance of the side panel, lets us first make sure we both have the same understanding of what a side panel is. Some part of the world calls this an end panel, and where I practice my interior design (Johor, Malaysia & Singapore) we call them side panels, they are the same. Basically referring to a panel that is usually installed at the end of a cabinet, usually is the same depth as the depth of the cabinet. There are more than enough posts on the internet about why and where should you have them, you can read more about “the use of side panel” Google & YouTube, they are everywhere. Here that i share how i choose to do it, and why i think the side panel works for my interior design, detail down to the following aspects: ONE How I do it: the depth of the side panel is the same depth as the cabinet (including door/drawer panel). Why is that so: This hides the gaps between the door leaves/drawer panel and the carcass of the cabinet. TWO How i do it: when installed on the base unit (sit on the floor unit), I will have them all down to touch the floor (for non-wet areas only). Why is that so: This allows different height for both skirting boards & the cabinet toe-kick, and allow them to meet without technical & aesthetic flaw.

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If you feel the same, the side panel idea does make sense to you, then keep in mind that this add-on does come with a price. It's not skyrocket-expensive to have it (at least in Malaysia & Singapore), but definitely an aspect to consider if you are looking at a budget-friendly project. In all my current & future interior design works, It’s not a need to have, but definitely a very good to have. I've got more interior design knowledge/tips that I've learned along my journey as an interior designer that i share in my Instagram account, feel free to check them out and say hi! Good Luck !!

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